Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break/Easter!

I wanted to show a few pictures of the schools where the kids are going now, then our week of spring break! 
But first, the little guy!!!  He loves to play the piano.  He will pull himself up and his little fingers just reach over the edge to plunk.  One night I put him on the bench and as you can see, he is quite delighted!
West Stafford School where Bryce attends! (pre-k to 1st grade is here)
Halle made the wall of fame! The students are nominated by the teachers, and Halle's was so impressed with how well Halle adjusted, participating, making friends, etc.!
Stafford Elementary where Collin and Halle attend. (2nd-5th)
The sign for The Barnyard, Lucas' new job!

Lucas' day off is Monday, so the week of spring break, we headed down to the shore with Jon and Amy Zahner and their 3 children.  Our destination was Harkness Memorial Park. We grabbed some sandwiches on the way, and had a picnic before heading down towards the water.  It was a bit cool once we got to the beach, with the wind coming in off the water, but we had a great time anyway!
Me and my baby boy!
Halle and Collin
The Gudemans
down on the rocks
some sort of sea worm
Bryce and Collin
Dylan loving the sand, he was "tasting" everything, and was so excited!
Trying to wade in the water, but oh it was so cold!
Maya, Collin, and Halle making sand angels! Needless to say we had a bit of sand in the hair when we got home.
Maya and Halle covering up while watching the dads flying Jon's kite!
Tuesday we met a boy from Collin's class, his mom and little brother, we were supposed to have gone to a park, but it was raining, so we ended up going bowling instead. The kids had fun, and I got to make a new friend. Hopefully we can make up our park play date soon!
Our April 16th morning surprise. Thankfully it was all gone by noon!
On Wednesday of spring break, I had made an appt for Bryce to see the ENT.  He had tubes put in last February, and since our move, we had to find a new Dr.  So we headed to Hartford to the Childrens Hospital.  We saw Dr. Grindle, who told us both tubes were out, but it didn't look like our problem was fixed.  The left eardrum looked a little retracted, which means there is negative pressure, and both looked like they had some fluid behind them again as well.  So, we will return in July for a hearing test, and see the Dr. again. He said possibly another round of tubes, and maybe take Bryce's adenoids out, to try to correct the problem from the inside. Thankfully he didn't want to rush into anything and we will see if time corrects the problem without more surgical intervention. 

On Good Friday we were finally home all day, and spent the day making cookies!  I decided that Easter egg shaped cookies decorated with LOTS of frosting was much better tasting than a hard boiled egg dipped in colored water! 
The kids had a ball decorating and tasting!  We missed being at Grandma and Grandpa Beutel's! Friday was probably harder than Easter for me; we wouldn't always have been with mom and dad on Easter, but we always went down on Good Friday to color eggs, etc! The pictures on Facebook, posted by my sisters, as delightful as they were to see, were also really hard to see too.  I cried, missing everyone!  But, I am thankful to say we had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Doug and Jane Schneider had the Gerbers and Schneiders and a few extras!  There was about 40ish of us. The meal was yummy, and we felt very loved on our first holiday away from "home."
 Easter morning- Collin, Halle, Dylan, Bryce 
 The boys playing ball before supper 
 Lanae, Jennie, and Dylan  
Dylan and the kitty!
The kids headed back to school yesterday, and Lucas and I spent the day working outside. It was absolutely beautiful!  We had a tree near the house, that was dead, so we cut that down, and then cleaned up a little spot just inside the trees for a fire pit.  Dylan had felt hot towards the end of the evening Sunday night, and has had a low grade fever for the past two days. It worked out really good for us though, because he was content to just sit in the stroller and watch/sleep.

 Yesterday around 3, I got a call from the school that Halle had puked, so I headed in to pick her up.  Today I have a little girl home, who is on the mend, and a little boy who is VERY clingy (not quite up to par yet). Here they are this morning, Halle was working on her homework and Dylan was eating/spilling her cheerios! 


We are counting down the days until Grandpa and Grandma Gudeman arrive...2 more days! They fly in Thursday afternoon and will be here until next Tuesday!  How good it will be to see them! Can't wait!

Until next time, may God watch between us! Hugs from CT!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keeping it real!

Not much happening the past couple weeks, but just a few snapshots of life as it happens...we are enjoying spring, as it is finally here!!  Seeing a bit of life as the flowers peek up thru the dirt and buds start to show themselves on the trees! Exploring the yard to see what lies beyond the house...everyone is so glad to be outside and occasionally without a coat! Dylan got to crawl around in the dirt last week, even gave it a small taste! Today it is raining, but supposed to be up in the 50s/60s for the rest of the week!
                                              Collin and Dylan crawling around!
                               Bryce and Collin doing homework with a snack in the lap!
             Dylan's favorite place to be. (this is his face when he gets scolded, a big grin!)

 One Saturday evening Lucas, Bryce, Dylan and I went out for supper then to the Home Show up in Massachusetts with Loren and Anne Gerber, and Barry and Karen Lanz...Collin and Halle went to Young Group with Barry and Karen's daughter Audrey!
 Collin helping mom make cookies!  He loves to help out in the kitchen, plus it's great math practice when we are doubling the recipes!

Last Saturday Lucas got home from work early...we called Dave and Heather Mangold to see if they were available for a hike or whatever...They were, so we headed to Soapstone Mountain which is literally just around the corner from our house.  We hiked up to the top, took the scenic route down and then came back to our house for steaks on the grill!
 Dave getting Dylan outfitted for the hike. They had this pack from when their children were little and were VERY happy to find a new home for it out of their garage!  I have a feeling we will get lots of use out of it!
                                                            All ready to go!
 Dave showing everyone how to follow the marked paths, marked by paint on the trees. The paths, although marked, are VERY rugged!

 Collin kept coming back to check up on me, and hold my hand so I wouldn't fall! What a sweetheart!

 The kids, minus Dave and Heather's oldest Leah (who is 16 and was with the Young Group)
                                                At the top of the lookout tower!
                                                   Looking into Massachusetts!
                              Looking down at the kids from the top of the lookout tower.
Made it!
                                                              Heading back down!
                        A fallen tree, everyone is helping hold it up as we walk under! ;)
                                    Here we are about halfway done, near a little stream
            Almost there! Just have to scale the side of this mountain to get to the bottom!

Here is Heather (pink dot), she was little nervous and took a bit longer than the rest of us, but eventually made it down. We were pretty much following the gulley that rainwater follows down the mountain.  A little nerve wracking, but we all made it safely!

Last Sunday we enjoyed dinner at Roger and Joni Moser's home.  Dad and Roger were in the Army together, so it was neat to spend time with someone I have "known" my whole life and get to know them a bit better!

Last night I sat on the couch looking at the book of pictures from our dear friends back in Bradford, it was hard to keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks as I read the comments and well wishes, and missed each one so very much!

Today is my dad's birthday, while I may not have seen him on his birthday if we were in IL, I could have, that isn't an option anymore...but we did Skype last night, which makes them seem not quite so far away. As each day goes by, we get a little more comfortable with where we are, and we are doing well, but occasionally it all hits again and we feel so far away.

Know that you are all thought of often and loved very much!