Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life goes on...and we survive(d)

After our whirlwind Christmas, it was good to get back to routine and everyday life. To finish out Christmas break, we went out for a  pizza supper, then met a few families at UCONN to ice skate (open skate).  The first day back to school Bryce skipped out and had surgery instead.  They put tubes in both ears and removed his adenoids. I was a nervous wreck.  I wasn't sure how he would recover, if we would have complications, etc.  Being my normal self, I of course thought worse case scenarios.  But he did awesome! The next day he was back to normal and then some. He asked if he could scrub the floor, and then decided to shovel the 2" of snow we had gotten that afternoon.  I kept trying to remind him he had just had surgery and should be taking it easy, but how do you explain that to an active 7  year old!  Needless to say, the 3 days off the Dr. said he may need, we didn't. He headed back to school Wednesday.
Bryce and Dylan entertaining themselves with their cardboard town after Bryce's surgery.
The following weekend we were invited to an afternoon skate at Art and Judy Gottier's. They had invited a bunch of families to skate on their pond, bonfire included. Then we had a pizza supper and enjoyed an evening of singing and fellowship!
The 17th we hosted church Rotating potluck at our house. Since the kids weren't invited, we asked Nate and Sarah Zahner to babysit. They were willing victims, and took the kids skating at a public pond in Stafford.  There was a bonfire and they roasted hot dogs for supper. They dropped two of our kiddos off later and took the other two home...they have a two boys about our boys ages, so they were all VERY excited!  Potluck was delightful, as I got to enjoy the whole meal while Lucas served and cleaned up.  We never made it up from the table, but talked there until almost 10:00!!  I think I can safely say a good time was had by all!
The kids skating with Nate and Sarah
Other news...Bryce started "playing" basketball in December and enjoys getting to practice his skills and learn new!
They finally got their team jerseys...think he's ready for the NBA?
Random picture of Dylan...always into something.
Since the boys had gotten to sleep over at Nate and Sarah's, Halle got to sleep over at a friends house too! Her mom sent me these two pictures of the be 8 again!  
Monday morning, still in their pj's sitting by the fire, playing with magnetic dress up dolls!
Ice skating!
Last week Lucas came home from work one night with a present for me!  If you know me very well, you know I LOVE flowers.  I had actually seen the tulips at the grocery store that same day and almost bought them for myself...January blues were getting to me and I needed a pick me up, but I decided not to.  When he got home I was really glad I hadn't!   
 Happy Thursday! 
He said he saw these and thought of me...they were our wedding flowers too!
Last Sunday morning Lucas flew out to Arkansas for a church work team to help rebuild after the tornadoes that had gone through.  We had been checking weather for both places the week prior to his leaving, him drooling, me dreading.  They had forecasted 60's for him, and 30's for me. I had hoped I would get thru the week with no snow, and thought I just might get lucky!  NOT! Sunday morning I looked at the weather for the week and almost cried!  At almost the exact time I was wondering what we were going to do, Lucas called.  He too had seen the forecast and wondered if I'd like a phone lesson on how to run the snow blower!  Of course I, still in my pajamas, I headed out to the garage for my lesson.  We had just about finished when I felt a tap on my arm...I turned around and found Halle with my hearing aide in pieces.  Dylan had climbed up onto my bathroom counter, gotten into the cabinet and found my hearing aides in their case.  Guessing they must be something good, he decided to chew on one until Halle found him, and rescued my hearing aide a bit too late.  Talk about a way to ruin your day!  And on Sunday morning was supposed to be a great day to worship and enjoy sweet fellowship.  But at 8:00 this past Sunday morning, that was the LAST thing I wanted to do! After scolding him soundly, I left him in the care of Collin with strict instructions not to let Dylan out of his sight.  I still needed to get ready for church! Good thing I had that time to cool off, and put things into perspective.  No, it wasn't great that my hearing aide had been chewed up, but he could have swallowed it, he could have drank poison, I could have cancer, I could be husbandless every day, not just for the week.  Slowly, God brought me back to counting my blessings...and Sunday was beautiful! Monday I found out my hearing aide wasn't fixable (go figure) and it also wasn't covered under my warranty anymore (bummer)! So next week I get to go purchase new hearing aides...not on my list of things to do this month, but I guess it is on my February list now! 
Monday afternoon the snow started falling.  I was a little nervous about the whole deal...they forecasted 20-30 inches of snow, and upped it to a possible 40".  I couldn't even think of what we would do with 40" of snow! Lucas was gone and I was in charge! Around 11pm the snow picked up and all day Tuesday the storm times the snow was coming down sideways! It was kind of neat to see, since I had a warm house, and power the whole time.  We spent the day mostly inside baking all kinds of treats, and trying to keep up with the snow accumulating on our driveway. After lunch the wind had died down and we ventured outside to play.  We did get a few more inches through the night last night for a grand total of 23 inches!  And we survived!


My first pass with the snow blower...poor Syriah had to potty so bad, but was afraid of the snow wall when we opened the garage door.  If a dog can dance because they have to potty so bad, she did!
 Looking across the road.
 The gray circle near the center of the picture, yep, that's our well...totally buried!
 Drifting across the back patio.
 Dylan wanted to go out with the big kids so bad, he didn't care whose boots he wore!
Off they go to their fort.
 Can we please go out Mom!!??
 Yay!  I am such a big helper!
 Snow fun!
 So pretty!
Our goodies...
 Chocolate Chip Cookies
 Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars
 Mom's Cinnamon rolls

 The drift on our back patio is the deepest snow we have around our house...28". I can't even imagine what we would have done with 40!
Today a dear friend babysat for Dylan, this is a silly picture she sent me of 4 little monkeys!
Life has gone on.  We are safe and sound after the snowstorm, greatly anticipating Lucas' homecoming on Saturday. Our January has been busy, but not too full, and we are blessed beyond what we deserve!
Lots of love and hugs from CT!!