Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tra la la la goes on!

Since the end of February, life has just plugged along. Nothing too grand or exciting here, just the same old, everyday busyness of life with children. We got a bit more snow the end of February, seemed every other day or so we saw more snow! PFFFTT! A local weatherman said our Stafford, CT snowfall total for the year was right around 100". Of course we don't have that much on the ground, but a good three feet or so. This past week we enjoyed a few days of spring-like weather!  Temperatures reaching all the way into the 50's. I was beginning to wonder if someone had forgotten to order spring.  Now, however, I am hopeful spring will soon makes it's grand appearance, after the few day tease. Here are a few pictures of our days at home and about...
Dylan helping make cookies 
 Always climbing, now he will climb and stand on the windowsill to look out.  Just not good enough to stand on the floor and look out. And the desk...he climbs up and stands on the desk to get a better look at our new sandart! UGH! Seriously, if he doesn't break an arm or a leg, it will be a miracle!  
Bryce is officially done with basketball as of  last Saturday!
This past Saturday, early morning, I kissed my honey goodbye for a week!  He headed to Haiti with a crew to install solar panels on some of the houses used by Loving Shepherd Ministries.  So, I made plans to visit a nearby children's museum on Monday, with a dear friend from church.  She had her three grandkids, so we made quite a sight!  Dylan had a blast! She even treated us to lunch!
in the igloo
watching the train go round the table from the lookout tubes
in the hammock
the four kiddos
Tuesday was beautiful, warm, and springish, we headed outside to enjoy the fresh air. Took a walk, swept out the garage, and Dylan found a puddle to wash his shoes in.  The day before my big kids were pretending this same puddle was a carwash for their bikes! The snow is still deep, so we don't get off the driveway much yet. 

Tuesday evening Collin had his first band concert. The entire band from grade 4 up thru high school all played together. My heart kind of squeezed and my eyes got watery watching his cheeks puff in and out, counting and tapping. My baby is not quite a baby anymore!  He is growing up!  He told me on the way home he had been so scared, and prayed that God would help him not be scared, to help him remember all the notes, and help him not lose his place.  Everyone of his prayers was answered!  And he was so excited! He decided since he had done so well, it called for a celebration.  So, the four enjoyed chocolate chip cookies before bed, when we got home! 
waiting for their cookies!
Yesterday, Wednesday, I had to take Bryce in to Hartford for his 6 week post op check up.  Dr. Grindle was VERY pleased! Bryce's left ear is back to normal hearing, his right is still a showing a slight loss, but he has a hole in the right ear drum that is causing the deficit, and we will continue to monitor.  But, we don't have to go back for 6 months!  Finally we get to extend our visits!  As much as we love our Dr...we were so excited for the good report, and extended time between visits!! 
The kids got out of school early yesterday and today because of parent-teacher conferences...of course I got three great reports there too! After our Dr. appointment, I squeezed in the first of three conferences, and we hurried thru supper so the boys could attend a baseball hitting clinic...kind of hard to believe they will be playing baseball in just over a month...maybe, if the snow melts! 
Dylan decided to drive his ride-on tractor down the basement steps last night, here he is showing Daddy his bump (we emailed him pictures)!  Like I said before, if he doesn't break something, it will be a miracle!
This afternoon I finished up my conferences and we headed to town to pick out a birthday present for one of Collin's friends, birthday party this weekend. When we got home we finally had a whole evening with nothing to do.  I told the kids we were just going to breath deep and enjoy!  We skyped with Mom and Dad, kids played outside, and I got caught up after my whirlwind week!  
 Collin working on his homework
Halle has been wanting to curl her hair, so we picked up a curling iron today and here is our first test curl! She has some natural curl, but not enough to satisfy her!  She told me before bed, she wants to curl it tomorrow, so she set her alarm.  She will wake me if I'm not up yet! :)  
While sometimes it seems like nothing exciting has happened lately, I am glad!  We have all been healthy, we have made it to another year, we feel God's continued faithfulness everyday, and we have been given so much! We have another day to praise Him for His goodness! 

This is a picture Lucas sent from Haiti...oh how I wish I could be standing on this beach beside him, enjoying the warmth of the sun, hearing the waves, and holding the hand of the one who holds my heart! Sure can't wait for Saturday to get here! 
Until next time!  Lots of love and hugs from CT!