Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Company, Baseball, Birthdays, projects, and more!

I haven't blogged for a while, not because I didn't want to, but I just couldn't seem to find the time!  Our month has been busy with so many fun things. The end of April, Lucas' sister Miranda made the trip to see us.  She had spent the week in NYC for a work trade show, and took a few extra days to come visit!  We all enjoyed spending some quality time with her, although the time was short!  She arrived Sunday evening. The kids were so excited for Aunt "Bub" to be here! Monday we took her down to Rocky Neck State Park for a quick beach day. We had the most glorious weather, sunny, no breeze, and the beach was deserted! We then hit the outlet malls on our way home! She left way too soon, Tuesday afternoon! 
 Halle and Miranda
 Bryce, Miranda, Halle, Collin
 Dylan and Lucas
 I got a crab!
 Lucas and Dylan
 Diana and Dylan
The first weekend in May brought opening day for baseball.  It was an all day affair, pictures in the morning, opening ceremony, then games at 1 and 3. Thankfully it was another beautiful day! 
 Collin plays for the New York Yankees
 Bryce plays for the Eagles
The next weekend was Mother's Day. We are so thankful for all those who remember us on special holidays, and we received several invites, accepting the first.  Doug and Jane hosted, and as always, we were well-loved and cared for!

Halle, Me, Collin, Bryce,
Dylan- on Mother's Day
That next week was a whirlwind, we had something every night that week...5 baseball games (sometimes two in one night), school concerts, and we ended the week with a super evening at Dave and Heather's. Of course we can't forget the special day we were blessed with our Bryce...he turned seven this past week too!
Halle's recorder concert...a prize to the first person who finds her in this picture!
Bryce, birthday boy, wearing one of his gifts!
We sang to him on his actual birthday and let him open his presents, but we didn't have cake until last night when Grandpa and Grandma Gudeman could celebrate with us.  They arrived this past Monday, and are leaving tomorrow.  They wanted to do something special for Bryce's birthday, so last night we took the kiddos to Chuck E Cheese then home for cake and ice cream!
At Chuck E Cheese...didn't get a picture of Collin!

Bryce- wanted a baseball field cake
Dad G, Bryce, Dylan, Lucas
cake and baseballs
Next are just a few snapshots from the past few weeks...
And finally our spring project...Thankfully we have a landlord who is willing to humor our itch to work on something! Around the back of the house we had worn a path in the grass from the driveway to the patio. Between us and the dog, it got lots of traffic. We decided it would be nice if we had a sidewalk connecting the two...insert Ronnie! He came two weeks ago with his mini-hoe and started digging. Once the digging began there was no turning back, so here is our last two weeks in pictures...on top of everything else that needed to get accomplished! 
Ronnie digging our new pathway!
 Dylan finds a toad
Almost done digging
Once he was done digging, we took over. We put in a paver sidewalk and did some landscaping around the house!
putting down the base
Mom and Dad G arrived just in time to help with the final stages of our project...landscaping!
 adding stone to put grill and stuff on
 dirt for gardens
making room for hostas and shade plants
 Landscaping complete
 added a bed here
 and here
 rearranged and added rock stream for water flow
 new Dr. Suess tree since the other one was dying
 Front of the house
another new tree
 Our supervisor- Dylan
The boys got lucky, we ended up with leftover sand from the sidewalk, so mom decided they needed a sandbox. We got some more sand to fill the space, and now we can't keep them out of it! 
  Dylan and Grandma
This last picture was the silver lining we saw on the way home last was so beautiful! I stopped to snap a couple pictures! 
That brings you up to date on our busy weeks! Hope this finds all well!  Lots of love and hugs from CT!