Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Loving every minute!

We are counting down the days now, until school starts. (only 7 more days) This is our last full week of summer break. Last week we enjoyed Mom and Dad Beutel being here, and we loved every minute! We had a good week, full of lots of fun! Monday, Lucas and the big boys went fishing. Here are a few pictures of their catches. We very much enjoyed eating the fish Wednesday night for supper!
 Bryce caught his first striper...was 1" to short to keep!
 Collin, Bryce, Lucas
 Collin giving Bryce a hand with his striper!
 Collin holding Dad's big catch!
While the big boys were out fishing, Halle, Dylan and I snuck in to Kloter's Ice Cream Barn for a treat! YUM!  
 Diana, Dylan, Halle
Tuesday we anxiously awaited Mom and Dad's arrival. Their train ended up being about 2 hours delayed, so they didn't get here until about 9 pm. After a short visit, we let them go to bed; they were exhausted! Wednesday morning Halle and I headed to the orthodontist to get her braces and expander put on. She was excited, but a bit nervous! She got all kinds of goodies. Our first stop after her appointment was to see Daddy! She couldn't wait to show off her new look!
 Halle and Lucas
We enjoyed the afternoon at home with Grandpa and Grandma Beutel, and church Wednesday evening. Thursday we had planned a trip to Old Sturbridge Village, MA. Lucas was able to take the day off. Of course we had to do breakfast out, then we spent the morning exploring the village.
 Halle, Collin, Bryce, and photobomber...Grandpa Beutel
 checking out the sheep
 Collin hanging over the fire pit!
 Halle and Bryce taking their turn feeling like a pig on a stick!
 My babies...Bryce, Dylan, Halle, Collin (standing)
 Old fashioned fishing with a stick, string, hook and bread balls. No luck!
 At the cooper's shop, carving some wood pieces.
 It was a gorgeous day, and this covered bridge was so neat!
 Collin and Bryce...drink break.
 Me and my honey
 Collin and Dylan
 Dylan and Mom enjoying each other! Skype is good, but real life is better!!
He called Mom and Dad both Panga (sp.) How do you spell something that is not a word, and know if it's spelled correctly! Not sure why or where it came from, but sure was cute!
Friday we met Uncle Dale and Aunt Mary for breakfast, then headed for the coast. Mom said she wanted to put her feet in the sand and the ocean, so we obliged her. We spent part of the day at Harkness Memorial Park. It is a beautiful place, a huge mansion, lots of gardens, and the beach! 
Aunt Mary, Uncle Dale and Mom getting their feet wet!
 Dad, Uncle Dale, Mom, Aunt Mary...lounging, while I chased Dylan and the big kids played!
After a while I put Dylan in his stroller and we walked around the gardens while I prayed he would fall asleep. He finally did, and about that time everyone decided it was time to head home. At least Dylan slept the whole way home!
Saturday we were lazy again and stayed home most of the day. Mom and I took the kids swimming in the afternoon, and we had a few of the family in for apple crisp, after supper. Sunday we enjoyed the day in church, then a lovely evening at Eric and Sharon Kloter's. It was such a good night! Monday Mom and Dad decided they needed to take us out for breakfast one more time before they left. Their train left Springfield around 3:30, Uncle Roy picked them up at 2:00 to take them back to the train station. We had such a good week with them here. The time went by too fast! We are so glad they could come see us again, and only wish it was so far between us!
Yesterday and today we've been trying to fit in those fun summer time activities before school starts next week. Swimming both days, and just lots of play! We have had the warmest weather this week, that we've had all summer! Doesn't quite feel like IL weather, but hot anyway!
That's all that is new here.  Haven't talked to Mom or Dad yet, but praying they made it home safely last night.
Lots of love and hugs from CT!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Just us and everyday life...

The past few weeks have just been company of our own, but we've enjoyed being with some other out of towners who are visiting Connecticut! The best part of that is rekindling old friendships without the work of being the hosts! Don't get me wrong, we love company, but it's fun to enjoy other people's company too!
Dylan turned 2 the last weekend in July. I can hardly believe he is two already, but at the same time, I am very much looking forward to being out of the baby stage. Even done with the toddler stage! Although toddler stage is my favorite, I am a wee bit older than the last time we did this, and this kid wears me out! I know every child is different, and even within the same family, they can vary so much in personality and activity level...but this guy, he is going to be the death of me! More on that later, but first, his birthday party! Since we had celebrated a month early with Sarah and Micah, we didn't do much on his actual birthday. He opened his presents first thing in the morning. I tried to snap a couple pictures of him, but he doesn't sit still much. He loves balloons, so he got a balloon bouquet, and after supper he got to blow out the candles on his birthday cookie.  No cake, since we had already done that. 
 "I pop!"
 Blowing out his candles
 Can he really be two already!!
We've finally been able to do all those normal summer things.  Each of the kids got to have a friend over for a sleepover, swimming, reading books to keep our brains in top notch order, fishing, and of course moaning about being bored with nothing to do!  LOL! And then there's those back to school things too! Dr. appointments, school shopping, new backpacks, new shoes, and all those other fun things!   Collin has been begging me to get his new school shoes almost since school got out! He is the only one who actually admitted he is excited for school to start again, which is surprising since he is very vocal about NOT liking school once we are back in session! Oh well.  Maybe this year will be different! ;)
Last Sunday we enjoyed a table full of just kids, for supper. Our kids were about to die since there was no kids involved, but they did live to tell about it! Last Monday we decided we needed to have a family beach day. We had talked about going to Rhode Island for the day, but Sunday in church Lucas was talking to Keith Kloter, who lives right on Crystal Lake. (a quarter mile from our house!) Keith told him we were certainly welcome to come spend the day there anytime. So after church without much debating, we decided we would head to Keith and Mary's Monday morning.
Monday was the most glorious day, hardly a cloud in the sky! Keith graciously offered us the use of his pontoon boat too, so after a quick lesson on how to drive, we were off, flying around the lake, tubes in tow! Being so close to home, I was able to take Dylan home after lunch for his nap, while Lucas stayed and drove the boat for the kids. When Dylan and I came back, they all had new tricks to show me! It was a fabulous day!
 Halle and Dylan
 Bryce and Halle
 Collin's friend Ryan and Halle
 Lucas kneeboarding
 Halle, Me and Bryce
 Halle and Dylan
 Ryan and Collin
 Halle kneeboarding
 Collin, Ryan, Dylan, and Bryce watching Halle
 Collin kneeboarding
The rest of the week was busy running errands, and spring house cleaning. I decided to put my kids to work and they were awesome helpers! The house is officially clean from top to bottom! Windows and all! Yay!
Thursday afternoon Dylan gave us quite a scare. I was emptying the dishwasher, thinking he was playing in the livingroom...not so much. He came running to me, gagging, holding a bottle of fish medicine he had found in our fish cupboard. We got a fish tank about a month ago, most of the supplies, harmless ones, are underneath in the cupboard, but I had no idea this stuff was in there too. He was stained with blue all over himself, and he had some in his mouth. Since he had spilled it, I didn't know how much he had drank, if any, and since it was in his mouth, I had to assume he has ingested some! The bottle said "harmful or fatal if swallowed!" "seek medical attention immediately!" So off we went to the Emergency Room. I was in tears the whole way there, and feeling like the most pathetic mother. They checked him over good, and after a call to poison control, decided just observation was necessary, since the amount he had possibly gotten was small! So Dylan and I hung out in the ER for a couple of hours. Finally they let us go and we were to keep an eye on him for any changes.

 Using the combo call light/tv remote for his telephone...
poor nurses answered our light many times without reason!
After we were discharged from the ER, I grabbed the other 3 from home and we met Lucas at a Farm Open House at Oakridge Dairy. One of the biggest dairies in Connecticut, located in Ellington, owned by several church families. (Bahlers) We enjoyed a tour around the farm on wagons, kids got to climb all over some farm equipment, and lastly we had fabulous cheeseburgers and chocolate milk, compliments of the cows! A nice way to end a rather stressful afternoon! 
 Bryce and Halle and SuperCow
 Dylan, Bryce, and Halle
Dylan and me meeting another cow!
They did have real cows there for everyone to pet, but I didn't get any good pictures to share!
Friday the kids and I ran errands and got groceries. I wanted to organize my laundry closet a little better, so we stopped at Home Depot for some wire shelving. When we had moved in, that bathroom had been painted, but the closet walls behind the washer/dryer never had. So before I finished spring cleaning that room, I decided I was going to paint first. I am quite pleased with the results!
The rest of the weekend went without a hitch. We had a wedding at church Sunday, and invited a few over for the evening, after the reception. Today Lucas took the big boys fishing, Halle is at a friends' house helping her with a lemonade stand, and it's just Dylan and me home. I have the laundry going and I am putting my house in order for our next guests, scheduled to arrive tomorrow evening.  Mom and Dad Beutel are coming for a week! We are all VERY tickled they will be here. We have a couple days with big plans and a couple days of just lazing around! I can hardly wait! 
That's about all for now...Lots of love and hugs from CT!