Thursday, September 17, 2015

Can summer really be over!?

The past 3 weeks since school started have flown. We have settled nicely into our routine. The kiddos are all liking school so far, they like their teachers and were excited to see old friends and make new! Dylan and I are enjoying the quiet house, me probably more than he, but I do think he loves the morning snuggles with our stack of books, and walks with friends! After lunch we snuggle up again in his bed for stories or songs while he drifts off to sleep, then this momma gets a few minutes of "me" time! I've learned that housework does wait, and I usually find myself curled up with a good book! AHHH!
Here are a few snapshots of what our last three weeks have looked like! 
 Dylan was looking for "Pongka" aka grandpa and grandma! Found them!
 Halle turned nine last month just before school started.
We celebrated a few days early because she and Lucas had planned a trip to Boston with a friend as part of her birthday present!
New shirt!
Sunday the 23rd of August, Lucas and Halle left for Boston after church, while the boys and I spent the evening at home. Monday morning we dropped Dylan off at Doug and Jane's, then met Julie Bauman and her children for one last trip to the beach before school began. We drove the entire 2 hours to the beach in rain.  We were a bit worried what we would do if the rain didn't clear. By the time we arrived, the rain had stopped and eventually the sun came out.  We enjoyed a glorious day! I even got to SIT on the beach!!!  No chasing Dylan! We all came home quite sun-kissed and tired from all the fun! 
riding the waves
sinking my toes in the sand!
Meanwhile in Boston...
Anna and Halle in the pool!
 at the aquarium in Boston 
 Anna and Halle 
 petting fish
outside the aquarium
School started August is our first day of school picture!
nicely done...
more natural poses!

 Dylan gives himself a haircut...just ask him what happened...he says, "Zooop!"
The Monday after the kiddos started school Lucas and I did 2 bushels of sweet corn. Such a big job, but what a good feeling to have a freezer full of corn again!
our big helper
 trying to cover up his trim!!

The next weekend was Labor Day. There was a lot of company coming to spend the weekend and we got to enjoy a few! Wednesday night my nephew Austin flew in with some boys...I can call them that, even though they are in their twenties, because I remember when they were my kids' ages! :{  Thursday we took them to Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island, where they rode the waves for the day! Dylan even got a ride on daddy's boogie board!  

The rest of the week/weekend went fast, as it was filled with people in and out. Picking up Lucas H. at the airport Friday night, a couple of dear friends overnight Saturday night, and more boys Sunday night. Then a fishing trip for my Lucas and Lucas H. Monday. Then one last middle of the night airport run! We LOVED every minute of our guests being here! Familiar faces and rekindled friendships! Tuesday morning Dylan got out his own suitcase and was thinking maybe he would sneak back to IL with Lucas! 
 all my babies in one chair...Bryce, Dylan, Halle, Collin
 Enjoying one last swim before it gets too cold!
The days are still warm, but the nights have cooled off and there is a hint of fall in the air! While I despise winter, I LOVE fall and am looking forward to the leaves changing and bonfires!  
Last week one morning after my shower I came downstairs to this...Dylan had helped himself to a "sicle" for breakfast!
Last Saturday morning I was driving Collin to his baseball game, we were chatting as usual...he looked at me and said, "Mom, I want to go to MIT for college!"  Jaw drop, smile and nod..."OK, son. You do just that!" While I encourage my children to do their very best and tell them college is definitely an option, I haven't forced or bullied them into thinking college is the only way. My only encouragement to them regarding school...I am happy with whatever grades or choices they make, as long as they have given me their very best! And honestly, I believe he could! "Go Collin!" :)
Making cookies is almost a weekly thing at our house...the kids pack them in lunches and have them for between the four of them, plus Lucas and me, 4 dozen cookies doesn't last long around here.  Here is my happy helper/cookie dough thief! 
That brings you up to date with the happenings here in Connecticut at our house!  Hope all is well for you my friends!  And all you people out west beginning your harvest, think of us and enjoy the thrill and magic of it all...we would LOVE to be able to be there just one day, to smell the smells of harvest to feel the grain run between our fingers and toes, and see the corn fences being taken down one pass at a time!  That is something we don't see or experience here and we all talk about it with longing!  :)
Lots of love and hugs from CT!