Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall fun!

Last weekend was Columbus Day weekend...the kids had extra days off school, and we decided to get away! Last year we went camping, and tossed that idea around a bit, but decided instead to head to WAY northern Vermont to stay at Ronnie and Sheila's condo. But first, we hosted Steve and Betsy Endress and their girls for supper Friday night.  We had a great time catching up, and I was too busy enjoying our evening that I didn't get any pictures! Oh well, I guess those memories will be stored in our hearts instead! We LOVE visitors, especially sweet friends from IL who we don't get to see often anymore!

Saturday morning I scrambled to finish packing and we hit the road about 8:30. Our destination was Jay Peak, VT. Jay Peak is a skiing mountain, but has a tram that will take you to the top during the summer months to enjoy the view and then you can hike back down. However, the tram had shutdown for the winter, so, we didn't get to ride up...we HIKED!  Well, some of us us did. We all made it almost halfway up, then I turned around with Halle, Bryce and Dylan while Lucas and Collin continued on to the top! The first half was easy to medium difficulty, but reports stated that the last half was UGH!! No way we would have all made it to the top. I am glad I decided to turn around when we did instead of pushing on and having 3 kiddos who wanted to be carried back down! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The temp was about 50, no wind, and sunny!  PERFECT for hiking!
 Collin, Lucas, Dylan, Halle, Bryce-ready to start
Collin and Halle
 snapshots on the way up
 Even though it was 2:30 in the afternoon by the time we got started, there was still dew on the grass and leaves, so pretty!

At this point, the three littles and I turned around while Lucas and Collin trudged on! We picked our way leisurely down the mountain, stopping to pick up sticks, toss rocks into streams and we sang silly songs at the top of our one else was around! Back at the bottom we window shopped for a while, then dug into the Oreos we had packed for the trip! The two big boys trudged up the mountain...they said it was really difficult and if not for Collin's encouragment, Lucas would have turned around before they reached the top too! 
 Collin and Lucas
 "Look dad, this is where we are, just little bit further!"
 Collin was thrilled to find this bone on the ground

 Made it!!
 At the top!
 Collin and Lucas
 Everything was covered with frost/ was VERY cold at the top!
 But the view was can't do justice!


Cold streams...
 We started at 1 and headed up the right side of the mountain...all the way to 6 for the boys!
When the big boys were safely back, we decided we were ALL hungry and enjoyed a quick pizza supper at the resort before we headed to our condo. We were pooped and sweaty, so after showers we put on our jammies and snuggled in for the night, reading or playing games.  
Halle, Dylan, Collin 
 Dylan all ready for bed!
The next morning we headed back to Jay Peak to enjoy the indoor waterpark!
On the way back we could see Jay Peak from a ways out...the tip is where Lucas and Collin had hiked to! 
Water Park Fun!
 Halle on the rock wall
Collin trying too!
Dylan was worn out from all the fun!  
kiddie area...Bryce is in there if you look closely!
The boys in the wave pool, kneeboarding!
We had a blast, lots of rides down the water slides, riding the lazy river, becoming noodles in the indoor/outdoor hot tubs and just relaxing!
The drive back to our condo was so beautiful, well really, the drive to anywhere was so pretty, but pictures just can't do justice...oh well, here are a few anyway!
Once we got home that night, we decided none of us was really hungry, so cheese, salami and crackers was our meal of choice. The boys headed down to the lake, the condo is on, to throw in a few rocks and just do what boys do when there is water nearby! Halle and I played a game inside!  
Bryce, Collin, Dylan
 Lake Memphremagog
We spent the evening playing games and being silly before falling into bed worn out and happy! Monday morning we packed up and headed home. We had a fabulous getaway, making memories, enjoying fall in New England, and relaxing together as a family!  
The kids Monday morning before we headed home!
Unfortunately life must go on, and vacations/getaways don't last forever. Tuesday the kiddos headed back to school, Lucas to work and I tackled the piles of laundry. Next week we are excited for some IL visitors again...Mom and Dad Gudeman will be here for a few days. Dad and Lucas hope to get our Christmas present for the kids made, and we will enjoy another weekend in VT with them. With the weather getting cooler, leaves changing and fall all around, I am trying to enjoy every minute of these beautiful days we are having. All too soon, winter will be here. I am excited for winter because that means Christmas, and that also means a trip home to IL, but it also means snow and cold...which gets old really fast for some of after the second day! :) But, until then...I am enjoying every beautiful moment of fall! 

That's it for now....lots of love and hugs from CT!!