Monday, November 9, 2015

Birthday in Boston!

A lot has happened since I blogged last...we were anticipating Mom and Dad Gudeman's visit, and now that has come and gone, and now we are counting down the days until Christmas...only 44 more days until we head West for the holidays. But first things first.  Collin turned 11 last month. He invited a few boys for a bonfire to celebrate. I think they all had fun. They ate all my food, and nothing was destroyed, so I'd say it was a success!
Collin with his new ripstick from us, and a few of the boys
The following week Mom and Dad Gudeman arrived. Our plan was to build a swing set for our kiddos Friday and Saturday. Then head to Clarendon, Vermont to have church services at our small congregation there. Thankfully, after some trouble with the delivery of the wood, all the materials arrived and they were able to get to work! The sun was shining, but it was windy and cold! 
here is Dylan riding his "Christmas" present from Gpa and Gma
helping Grandpa with the lay out
Halle helping Dad
Collin pounding anchors in
Dylan..."I working!"
Almost done...the kiddos enjoying their first swing!
All day Friday Dad and Lucas smoked some pork shoulder roasts. They got it started a bit late, because they forgot to put the meat on the grill before they gallavanted off for donuts and coffee. We couldn't believe we were pulling out games at 11pm to pass the time until it was finished! Finally at midnight the roasts were done and the boys could get to shredding!
Saturday afternoon we headed up to Vermont. Just under a 3 hour trip. The scenery was so pretty! We enjoyed a pizza dinner with some of the locals, and the kids swam all evening. I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy visiting. Sunday we had a lovely day of worship with some others from Rockville joining us there, as well. After church we went for a walk, then enjoyed another delicious meal with the local brethren before we headed for home.  
 baby boy loves his daddy!
 The sun was shining thru the storm clouds and lit up the colors on this tree!  SO beautiful!
Monday was Collin's birthday, so we let him take the day off of school and headed to Boston with Mom and Dad. Dylan and the others were in good hands back home. We started downtown and walked the Freedom trail, enjoyed lots of good eats and even a ferry ride. 
 Grandma, Collin, Grandpa at Fanuiel Hall
 Collin's birthday cupcake from Grandpa!
Getting his hug from Aunt "Bub" via dad!
on the trail
Bunker Hill Memorial
Collin begged me to hike to the top of the Memorial. Since no one else would,  I reluctantly obliged...294 steps later I was regretting my choice!
trying on hats...
this one reminded me of the old football helmet my dad used to wear, back in the day!
Fishing hat for one of the cutest fishermen I know!
The next weekend was Halloween. We had been invited to join some friends for trick or treating!
Halle-Glinda the good witch

Cutest little elephant I've ever seen! 
Bryce-Ironman, with his loot                                 Collin with his loot! 
Halle playing dress-up, and some crazy dude behind her!
The pumpkins. Collin didn't get to carve his because he was gone the day we did the others
Snowboard Collin bought with some of his birthday $. 
 Dylan and Collin with Collin's cake...
The rest of these are just snapshots from the past few weeks.  As you can see, they are LOVING their new swingset! Dylan had his first run-in with the bottom of someone's shoe while they were all swinging. Hopefully that kick is the only one necessary for him to learn to be careful! Unfortunately for Dylan, there is no stopping when someone is swinging!
Bryce pushing Dylan 
Dylan showing off his donut sprinkles. I got this picture from Lucas one morning. Dylan got to go with daddy and he was thrilled when that ride included a trip to Dunkin Donuts!  
 Bryce and Dylan
 Collin, Lucas, Halle-dinner at Red Robin 
Dylan and I stopped at Lucas' work to see him one morning...and enjoyed a trip out back to see the piggies! Yes, Lucas works for the BarnYard, but no they don't do livestock. They sell sheds, and custom buildings. However, out behind the office is a large pasture area and owner's son-in-law keeps his two pigs out back. Which makes for just one more fun thing to see when we visit daddy...which isn't too often!
The biggest change around our house lately is my re-entrance back into the work force. I am now on the substitute list for the Stafford School District, as a paraprofessional. Last week was the first week I was available and I worked 3 of 5 days. I had to turn down two calls because I already had appointments scheduled. I am excited to get out of the house a bit, and Dylan so far loves going to the sitter/daycare. Another mom from church just started an in-home daycare this summer. She has a little girl just a week older than Dylan, and a little baby too.  He loves the play time he is getting, and I love the adult interaction! Today I am home, catching up on housework, blogging and bills. Unfortunately for me, the housework doesn't do itself while I am at work! But I am thankful for the opportunity to work, and even for the work waiting for me when I get home. Because that means I have a house, a family, clothes, food to eat, and so much to be thankful for!
Lots of love and hugs from CT!