Monday, December 7, 2015

November days...

Seems like we have nothing too grand to report, just every day happenings.  One morning as I was going around to open the blinds, I LOVE morning light, I looked out the window and saw this dreadful sight. A dead tree had decided to crash onto our trampoline.  Thankfully the fall happened during the night, no one was on the trampoline, and the tree fell away from the house! But, ugh!!! We had bought this for our kids for Christmas last year and I think I was as disappointed as they were! After we got the tree cut up and removed, we found that most of the trampoline was salvageable. Now we just need to find a few frame parts and we may be back in business! 
 After dinner one night I had cleaned up the entire kitchen, but forgot to put the syrup away.  Dylan took advantage of my oversight and proceeded to dump 1/2 of a new bottle of syrup onto the counter, and then eat/brush his teeth with the syrup.

The company Lucas works for has been working on a huge expansion, Great Country Timber Frames. They are finally up and running, and all the employees enjoyed an open house to see the new building and the new CNC machine. The machine hails from Italy, and I believe is one of only three in the United States.  This machine is programmed to cut beams and such for timber frame buildings. It allows for very customized work and is amazing to see in action!
 The new CNC machine
 This is taken from the meeting/lookout room. Customers will be able to come a see their project being made!
 One afternoon we made and decorated Christmas cookies...
 Dylan didn't want to finish his supper so he pretended to "fall asleep!"
We had a very nice Thanksgiving. Brent and Naomi Walder opened their table a bit more to allow us to join their family. The turkey was a gift from The BarnYard, Lucas' work. Each employee got an 18-20 pound turkey and we weren't sure we could've eaten it all. After the invitation was extended, Lucas told Naomi she could use the turkey and we would just enjoy her hard work!  Delicious! We played games with the kids, sang, and since the first feast wasn't enough, we had a round two!
 Kate, Kay, Lucas, Emily
 Dylan and Kate
 Ashton, Bryce, Collin
 Ken, Kay, Naomi, Rose, Dorothy, Collin, Lucas, Emily, Brent
The delightful evening was sobered when we heard news of a dear sister from Bradford who was killed in a car accident on her way to their own Thanksgiving. I think of her family often and pray they can feel God's presence. I can't imagine how their life has changed so much in just a moment. None of us is promised tomorrow and such tragedy seems to remind us of the brevity of life. I am thankful I was able to listen to her funeral service via the telephone.
The days after Thanksgiving we put up our few Christmas decorations and the kids got to decorate a gingerbread house. I took the easy way out and bought a kit. The decorated house lasted all of 3 days before it had been stripped of all the candy! 
 hard at work...
 all done before the candy snitches started tearing in...
 Dylan with our Dylan size tree, notice the big ornaments in the front, those are supposed to be on my coffee table with tealights in them.
 He was excited about his "sweatband"
Dylan loves to share Daddy's smoothies in the morning, but this one ended up all over  him and the floor when he tripped on my foot trying to carry it to the table!
Meanwhile...Lucas heads to work, only to call me about an hour later...he needed me to come check out his head. He had hit his head on the low soffit of one of the buildings and they were pondering if he needed stitches or not!? I decided they would most likely do something, staples was my vote. We were both right. He ended up with two stitches and 3 staples. Dylan enjoyed playing doctor and kept telling me he needed to "check it!"

Our fall has been a beauty, we are still enjoying some 50 degree days. Today was sunny and felt more like spring than winter. I'll take as many of these days as we can get, as winter is fast approaching, and is my LEAST favorite. Only a few good things happen in the winter, Christmas, some special birthdays, and our anniversary! Not much else.  We are looking forward to our trip back home for Christmas!  We think about Christmas so much throughout the year, then it's here and gone so fast. But we are going to try and soak up every moment!

Just found out this week though, we won't be coming back alone! Lucas' brother, Brandon and Sarah, will be joining us here in CT!  Not sure about the timeline for their move, but we are excited to have a few more familiar faces here! 

Lots of love and hugs from CT!!