Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just living life...

Our past month has been normal, a few minor events, but nothing too grand. We had a couple sleepovers, cooking lessons, breakfast/lunch dates, ice skating, and of course work and school.
 Dylan and Collin's friend wrestling
 Halle learning her way around the kitchen
 Dylan and Micah-breakfast date #1...hopefully many more to come
UCONN has open skate occasionally, so we headed over one evening!
 Lucas and Dylan
 Halle and Olivia
 We gave Syriah up for adoption this fall, to our neighbors...we all LOVE to go visit...can you tell!?
 Dylan and me, we were the only two home one night, everyone else was either at basketball practice or 4H.
Enjoying an ice cream cone on the front porch, on a beautiful, warm-ISH, winter day!
We finally got our first real snow last weekend. The kids enjoyed two snow days, Friday and Monday, and we all enjoyed the long weekend! What better to do on a snow day than to eat brownies for lunch!
 Saturday we were invited to do some sledding with friends, so we bundled up for a fun afternoon. All was grand until Halle, and her friend Olivia, caught a little too much air coming off the ramp. Halle ended up with her two front teeth broken and one of her bottom front teeth chipped. She decided it was time to hang up her sled and head for the house. Thankfully we were sledding at our dentist's house. His father, also a dentist, was there as well. Dr. Warren took Halle right down to the office and fixed her up good as new. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it had never happened.
 Dylan after his first ride down the hill...he loved it!
 me, Riley, Collin
 Halle and Olivia...before she broke her teeth
Monday was my birthday and I was treated like a queen. The kids, being home from school, decided to make me breakfast in bed. Yum! They did a fabulous job. Next we went to town for lunch. The kids had each picked out a card and a present to give to me. They did such a great job picking out the cards...made their momma cry!
 Lucas and me...37 won't be so bad with this guy beside me!
After we got home, the big kids made a cake, which they then decorated and we enjoyed for supper! Of course, the best part of making anything is licking the beaters! 
 Collin, Halle, Dylan
My evening ended with a bubble bath, complete with a glass of wine, and a few chocolates. I had a lovely day!

Unfortunately, special days make home see so far away, and Tuesday morning found me sitting on the couch in tears. I had received so many happy birthday wishes and felt so loved, but just so far away. I found a quote..."I wish you were here, but you're not here, you're there. And there doesn't know how lucky it is." Made me cry a bit harder, wanting with all my being to be back in IL, for just a while. But then a friend encouraged me, that missing home and my family just means I am so very blessed. With a close family and LOTS of love. Tears are ok. So, I cried, missing home and all my people there. Then I wiped my tears and counted my many blessings! I. am. so. very. blessed.

Lots of love and hugs from CT!