Thursday, March 24, 2016

Time flies when you're having fun...February 2016

Dylan-"Mom, take my picture!"
Sorry, I have been slacking on my blog. We've been busy, and this is one thing that always seems to take the back burner! :( The month of February was full. Lucas' sister Tonya and her family were here the middle of the month for 5 days. We enjoyed having them here, and sharing lots of time with them and Brandon and Sarah. Friday Brandon and Sarah had us all for a yummy lasagna supper. To say the kids were excited to see one another would be an understatement! 
after dinner entertainment!
Three stooges...Dylan, Rhea, Micah
Collin and Chompers (Mascot for Hartford Yard Goats Baseball)
Saturday morning there was a pancake benefit breakfast for baseball. More yum!
Saturday evening we planned a date night for us three couples. We hired two sitters to feed/watch all 10 kiddos at our house, and we enjoyed a sweet Valentines date!
Brandon and Sarah
Tyler and Tonya
Me and Lucas
Sunday we were invited to dinner with a few of Tyler and Tonya's friends, so T and T could enjoy time with them all at once during their short visit! A fun surprise was the baby chicks. A highlight for all the little ones, and some of the big ones too! 
Dylan was so excited!
Collin                                                           Halle
Bryce was a little nervous at first, but soon got over it!
Monday morning we made a coffee/donut stop before heading to The Barnyard for a tour of their newest building/manufacturing shop. Great Country Timber Frames
Collin and Rhea                       Lane, Wade, Tyler, Rhea, Collin
 the amazing machine...
I am not even going to try to describe what this thing does...come for a visit and personal tour!
 Monday afternoon we headed for the hills to do some sledding!
Bryce and Alex                                                          Bryce
Collin                                            Halle and Bryce
Lucas and Dylan catching snowflakes
Dylan and Rhea had so much fun together!
Tuesday was a cold, rainy, windy day so we headed to Hartford to the Connecticut Science Center! 
Lucas and I...celebrated our 13th anniversary surrounded by our kiddos and lots of other goons!
Water exploration area, probably the favorite part of the whole museum!
My boys                                                              Collin and Micah
Bryce and "his" dinosaur...which he had talked about for several weeks! He remembered this from a previous visit and couldn't wait to show me!
Wednesday morning I shipped my kiddos off to school, and said our goodbyes to the Joos' before they headed to the was bittersweet...I think we were all ready for normal again, after 5 days of living/being together, but we were so sad to see them go too. We sure do miss all those everyday moments that don't happen anymore!
Saturday Lucas headed south for a week, to Bastrop, Texas, with church work team. Thankfully we didn't have any major mishaps while he was gone. All except for me ending up sicker than I have been in 10 or more years! 
Collin spent Saturday night with Aidan is the picture I received Sunday morning from Aidan's momma...four boys who had already been out to the woods and came back whittling!
I only had the three little guys to get ready for church that morning, and we all enjoyed a delicious dinner, with David and Marla Moser, to pass our Sunday evening. The following are a couple of pictures Lucas sent me throughout his week.  
 a home they were building
Thursday night I started feeling off...Friday night Collin's basketball playoffs started. While sitting there watching Dylan run up and down the bleachers, I started with HOT flashes! I knew was a bit young for that, and it wasn't long before I was freezing. And more hot flashes. When we got home I took my temperature, 103.6! WHOA! I soon started coughing, nausea, aching.  When I looked up the symptoms of influenza, I had them all except the vomiting. Although I didn't get tested, because I've heard of a lot of false negatives, and there isn't much to treat the flu either, I was pretty sure that was what I would be fighting for the next few weeks! I just hoped I didn't get worse and develop pneumonia! Lucas was feeling pretty helpless all the way in TX, but there wasn't much he could do except pray! Thankfully my kids were home Saturday to entertain Dylan, and Lucas got home that evening. I couldn't remember the last time I had felt so bad. Maybe when I was pregnant with Halle and they thought I had pneumonia. I spent several days in bed/on the couch and it was a couple weeks before I felt fairly normal, and another week or so until the coughing stopped. PHEW! Anyway, Collin's team won their first game and lost the championship game against Tolland, the team his friend Aidan plays for!
 the one shot I got before I "checked out"
Aidan and Collin
Collin with his coaches, T.J., Coach Tozier, and Dave
That brings us to the end of February...
and one more because it makes me smile!