Tuesday, May 17, 2016

They came and they went...

Catching you all up here...the kids enjoyed a most beautiful week for spring break. We started the fun with motorcycle rides with our neighbor. He was burning out the cobwebs and let the kids ride along! Everyone except Dylan, that is. He has to be a bit taller before Dave will take him for a ride. But Dylan was content to lay on the front lawn and watch. Every day of spring break week was gorgeous. We took advantage and spent as much time outside as possible.
 Dylan watching the riders
 Dave and Bryce
One afternoon we decided to make cupcakes...the kids made and decorated them all by themselves, and I was the judge of flavor and decorating. The Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes were awesome, and Bryce won the decorating contest, with his very meticulous decorating. 
 Halle and Bryce
 Bryce...I think his face gives away his thoughts, much the same as mine...YUM!!
 The finished decorated cakes
Thursday afternoon we packed up a lunch and headed to the park for a picnic. After playing hard, we stopped for ice cream on the way home! 
 Diana, Bryce, Collin, Dylan, Halle
 The life of a two year old...pushed in the swing with a bag of chips to munch!
Halle and Dylan pretending to serve ice cream to customers
 Our stop at Kloter's IceCream Barn also included some playtime at the playscape lot!
 Halle, Collin, Bryce 
 This picture is just too cute to not include. It's nothing special, just a snapshot of Dylan doing what he does, while the boys are playing ball...playing in the trees.
 One morning I came downstairs, to find Dylan on the counter, helping himself to a cupcake for breakfast. If anyone has ever heard Bill Cosby's-Chocolate Cake...Dad (or in this case Mom) is great...she gives us chocolate cake...FOR BREAKFAST!
 Here are my boys ready for their opening day of baseball. 
Dylan LOVES to "help" dad with his fish tank!
The last weekend in April Lucas' sister Miranda came for a visit. We all love when she comes. Her visits always mean special meals out, lots of laughs, and love for the kiddos. She was lucky enough to be able to watch one of Collin's baseball games. These two share a love of baseball, and each other. Miranda left Tuesday morning. Mom and Dad Gudeman, and Grandma Stoller arrived Thursday evening.
We joined Brandon and Sarah, Mom and Dad and Grandma for supper...can you tell the kids were thrilled to see Grandma again! Mom and Dad spent the first few days with Brandon's, then finished off their trip with a couple days at our house.
 Here are Dad, Lucas and Loren doing dishes.
Sunday was Mother's Day. We hosted our family and Loren and Anne's family (Sarah's parents). The men made and served the meal, and even did clean up! Everything was fabulous. Lucas smoked a beef tenderloin, and it was WOW! As were all the sides! Well done boys!
 Dylan bringing me a Mother's Day bouquet of dandelions...I suppose if they are in my kitchen, that's less in the yard going to seed!
Monday morning Lucas took everyone on a tour of the newest addition to The Barn Yard's family, The Great Country Timber Frames facility. They opened the new shop last fall with an amazing CNC machine to cut their own timber frame wood products.
 Dad and Grandma Stoller up close and personal
After the tour, we headed home for the project of the day...putting together the slide for the swing set we built last fall, as the kids' Christmas present. We didn't buy the slide last fall, thinking we were weeks away from winter, and who would use it. Little did we know it was going to be a very mild winter, and a slide sure would've been nice. Oh well. Patience is a virtue, right!
 Dylan helping put the slide together
  Lucas and Dylan working to get the swing set ready to attach the slide.
 Dylan...first trip down!
 And FINALLY a complete swing set! Yay!!
 Halle playing the piano for Grandma Great
Monday night, our last night with Mom and Dad, Lucas took Bryce to his baseball game and the rest of us headed to Kloter's for an ice cream treat! We met Sarah there too, to play!
 Micah and Dylan
Tuesday morning before taking everyone to the airport, we took a short walk back into the woods. Then mom wanted some pictures of Grandma...here is one of her and me. This dear godly woman has loved me as one of her own for the past thirteen plus years. So willingly she has given of herself, on my behalf. Her example of service, the love she gives, her sweet smile, and I'm sure many prayers she's uttered for me, I can't thank God enough for placing me in her care! Lucas and I were both soooo thankful she could make the trip out to see us! And I am happy to report that while I had an emotional rest of my week, I shed no tears at the airport, when I dropped off Mom, Dad and Grandma!  
That same afternoon, Tuesday, I had a call scheduled with the Human Resources Department of Connecticut Children's Medical Center. After several interviews and shadowing sessions, I was offered a job in their Radiology Department as a per diem Radiologic Technologist!  I was VERY excited! This job will allow me to re-join the work force, doing what I've always loved, but allow me the flexibility that is necessary as a mom of four! I start June 6th!  With this news, I then spent the next few days getting paperwork filled out, licenses sent, CPR renewal classes completed, and of course squeezing in an extra snuggle with this little guy! He's definitely a momma's boy, and misses me if I go out to get the mail! LOL! Hope he's not too upset with Momma going to work once in a while!

Bryce's new lego set
Yesterday was Bryce's birthday. He kept trying to figure out a way he could skip school because it was his birthday, and I gladly agreed to let him stay home to help me with laundry and housecleaning. When given those options...school sounded better. We barely had time for him to open his presents and sing Happy Birthday, before sending him off to his baseball game. He came home all smiles, with tales of two strike outs, and a HOME RUN!  He was just a little bit excited! I can't believe my Bryce is 8 already! He is growing up WAY too fast and those big brown, almost black, eyes get me every time! I love his sweet spirit, his chatty nature, and especially his grins and giggles. 
Birthday boy!

Today Dylan and I enjoyed Kloter's ice cream again...we don't love ice cream at all can you tell! Kloter's Ice Cream barn draws a name each day, and if your name is drawn, you receive a free small cone! Today's name was Diana, so of course we helped them out, by accepting such a gracious gift!
That brings you up to date with the goings on here in CT.  The kiddos have 15 days of school left, before we can enjoy the lazy days of summer!  Come visit!!!
Lots of love and hugs from CT!