Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Busy Start to our Summer!

Wow, time flies when you're having fun, or maybe just when a person is busy!!! I feel like we have been going nonstop for the last six week. After accepting the job at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, with a start date of June 6th, my summer was filled! I was looking at three days of training a week, for about 6 weeks. I am well into my training at this point, and loving every minute of being back in the hospital. My kiddos ask every night what interesting things I did that day, and I have a new appreciation for healthy children! Amazing how all those little bodies do what they do, grow and change; and most of the time without intervention!
But first things first...
Our May finished up with Halle's first piano recital.  She did amazingly well, and we were so thrilled for her. She LOVES playing the piano. You can often hear Lucas or me telling Halle to find something else to do, because quiet is nice too!
Here are all four the Sunday morning of Halle's recital, before church
Halle with her piano teacher, Shelly.
The rest of that week we finished up with the kid's school programs, Collin had his 5th grade science fair, Bryce had his two month post-op follow-up with his ENT and we ushered June in with a family fun night at school for the 5th graders, and I was also in charge of helping host a bridal shower! 
Collin with his project...100% A+
For those of you who are interested in the results of his project, Orville Redenbachers Microwave Butter Popcorn gives the
 "Most Pop For Your Penny"
Earlier on this day, Collin had come home telling me he was almost a middle schooler! Yeek! Slow down time. His class got to celebrate, with their parents and classmates, with a pizza party, talent show, and games. Kind of a "graduation," of sorts, from grade school.
For any who are interested, Bryce and I saw his ENT, Dr. Grindle, that week also. He had a post-op hearing test, and we got to see if the graft, placed back in March, had healed as it should. I am thankful to report that his hearing test showed normal, at least for now, and the graft looks just as it should for being two months post-op! WOOHOO!!
The last week of school the kids got to enjoy lots of fun filled days at school, movies, field day, cleaning out desks, etc, and I started work! We also got word that Shannon and Bri were going to make a trip out to see us, after they attended Tyler and Leah Endress' wedding in Ohio. 
Field day
 Last Day of school June 10, 2016
 We had a few firsts for the summer too, an evening at Crystal Lake that included kayak rides, then a dip in Doug and Jane's pool.
Of course we can't forget baseball, still filling every spare moment, between practices and games. Dylan and I pass the time waiting for the boys, riding his scooter up and down the path at the park.   
looks like the scooter won this round!
A couple weeks ago, Collin and Lucas enjoyed a great day fishing...just a few that they caught. Unfortunately Shannon experienced some carsickness on their way here from Ohio, so he missed out!  But they arrived safely by mid-morning.

We were all thrilled to see them, and our kids got to meet their newest cousin for the first time.
Bryce and Gracelyn
 Dylan and Aleya
 Dylan and Gracelyn
 bike rides with Uncle Shannon
 Helping Uncle Shannon wash their car.
making sure Uncle Shannon is practiced up for when his girls are big enough for horsey rides
Tuesday I needed to work, so the kids were thrilled to hang out with Uncle Shannon and Aunt Bri. Wednesday we headed to the shore for a picnic at Harkness Memorial Park. Then to the beach for some wading and play in the sand.
Collin, Dylan, Shannon
Dylan, Micah, Collin, Bryce, Aleya, Halle, Gracelynn
Dylan and Micah
me and Aleya
Halle and her precious bundle Gracelynn
two of my special sisters in law, Brianna, and Sarah
Also add to that week the play-offs for the Stafford Little League. Aunt Miranda won BEST AUNT award, for sending a cookie bouquet of bats and baseballs for our boys! So fun, so cute, and so yummy!
Bryce's team won the championship for his division! YAY Bryce!
Collin's team didn't win their  championship, but got a first place trophy for having the best season record.
If that wasn't enough to pack into a week, we also enjoyed the Sunday School picnic on Saturday, as well as Father's Day with Ed and Terry Mangold's family. We are always SO thankful when someone remembers us being alone for holidays. And of course, me fitting in three days of work each week for the last three weeks too!
If it wasn't for my AWESOME husband and kids, we would never make it. They have been so willing to help out at home, roll with our crazy schedule and still smother me with love and support at my new job! I have just over two weeks of training left, then I'll just be on the schedule "as needed."
I am looking forward to a little less going on, and especially our family vacation planned the end of July! I think we are going to need it!
In the meantime, we have some company coming the end of next week, and there's always room for more! Please come visit! A full calendar is best when its full of company!
Lots of love and hugs from CT!